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” 1000+ Engineers Graduated & Found Rewarding Future Through Career Center “


We Enable Engineering Students Complete Degree

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International Kid’s Club

Complete After school Care – Tailored for every Student

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Make My Job

Career for Everyone: 10 Pass, +2 or Professional Degree

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Every child is unique, therefore their education should also be!

TROFY (for young students) is a unique program developed by the professionals behind Career Center that focuses on developing strategies to identify the right talent and alignment for every child. Every child is unique, different and special. Their talents and skills are different, they are winners in their own way. And, our program helps identify the winner in your child. Programs created especially for every child, taking into consideration their passion, skills and talents and identifying the best possible path that will ensure their success at every stage of their lives.

You never stop growing, neither should your dreams!

TROFY (for young professionals) is an enhanced program aimed at career fitting and career readiness for budding students and young professionals.Many students pursuing professional courses often end up in streams that do not blend well with their skill sets and knowledge levels. Often due to peer pressure or upcoming trends, students fall prey to ill choices in education and ultimately stumped careers.TROFY (for the young professionals) offers corrective programs in education and career, gap identification, skill building, soft-skill training, personality development and evolve success potentials in career options.


Talent Identification and Orientation Program for Young Student

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Little About

About Career Center

Career Center is conceived by a group of professionals with vast experience from different fields: Education & Career building, Public Administration, Finance Management, Project and Program Management, IT & Software Development, International Exposure in multiple areas. Director Board of veterans from fields of Education & Career Building, Media and Marketing, IT and Government Sector- with sponsorship from media, Social Leaders. 40 strength working team of Employees & consultant

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