Reskill & Rejuvenate


Rejuvenate Program is an enabler towards:

  • Up-Skill Professionals for Higher Levels of knowledge and positions
  • Re-Skill and Rediscover self and aim high by Introspection
  • Addressing Barriers to Change
  • Self Exploring: I am in the Right Job & Is this the Best can be achieved ?

PDP Program is aimed at helping Professionals to grow higher and faster in the existing career path or alternate career lines- with scientifc assessment of Strengths, Interests, Gaps and improvement plans.
PDP Program Objectives:

  • Help Professional evaluate Real Skills, Talent & Potential TROFY Model Evaluaton and Skill-Interest Vector (SIV) Profiling
  • Plot Aspiration vs. Ability Model and Evolve Bridge the Gap Plans
  • Design Gap closure, Skill Building Programs (for Basic Skills)
  • Execute and deliver Accelerated Professional Skills Improvement plans
  • Help develop Networking and Assisted Better Career Options