Pass The Exam

Pass The Exam –Success is not an option, it is your right!

career-Engineering-studentsPass percentages in professional examinations (engineering, medicine, MCA, management etc.) are below 30% across Indian universities. A vast majority of students joining professional courses fail to complete their degree courses in time. Out of the same pool, a majority of them are forced to give up studies after failing their exams multiple times.This leads to a situation where a large percentage of these once bright students fail to become graduates and start a career matching their talent or professional aspirations.

PassTheExam, a program developed as a Community Service Initiative and registered under trademarks and patent laws, focuses on guiding and assisting students to pass their degree exams, regardless of whether if it is their maiden or ninth appearance. Our aim is simply success and nothing else. PassTheExam is not another typical tuition class that imparts single directional talks and textbook problem-solving methods.

PassTheExam focuses on professional counselling combined with personalized coaching. For us at PassTheExam, success is not an option, it is an inevitable reality! The result of our program is success in exams and through that, success in your life and career.