What Motivate Us?

What Motivated Us?

In 2011, the Professional Education Scenario in India looked scary:

1-Number of Engineering Colleges Multiplied by 10 fold in the last 7 Years
2-Number of Engineering Students enrolling every year crossed 1.5 Million

All Good – But …

  • Pass Rate in Indian Technical Universities stood at ~25%
  • 1 out of 4 Engineering Students Never Completed Degree
  • Dropouts from technical Schools without degree crossed 10 Million

  • And only 17% of Graduates qualified to be “Employable’ by Corporates & Corporates and Core Engineering companies needed only 15% of Graduates. Others were either jobless or had to settle for low rewarding and lowly regarded jobs.

    Career Center Started with analyzing why the once-brilliant Students fail to complete the Engineering Degree – either on time or never ! We found, with a helping hand, and by extending our expertise - we can make our children complete Degree – in flying colors While helping the students graduate through the PassTheExam program, with our unique Counseling & Personalization plan we also evolved the below programs.

  • Making Students Graduate is one step. They Need Professional Development of Softskills to become Employable.
  • The Theoretical knowledge gained by Passing The Examination is just not enough to be successful- Graduates need Professional Skill Enhancement with Hands-on experience.
  • Many working professionals, who found the first job after graduation finds themselves lowly paid or in non-rewarding jobs – with respect to job satisfaction or monitory rewards… And need a boost in their careers
  • No proper Analysis of fitment is ever done while choosing any stream of education – whether it is Engineering, Medicine or even Teaching.
  • CareerCenter strive to address these via the life-changing Student Life Cycle Programs, with revolutionalry TROFY Model as the backbone.

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