Kids’ Club

Kids’ Club offers the following:

  • Creative and Progressive molding of Student by unearthing Talents & Strengths
  • Developing interest in Studies, with long term Career goals
  • Identify Gaps and build plans to strengthen weak areas early
  • Study Supplement & Skill Enhancement for Students, after School hours
  • Eliminate Students’ effort at home; provide right levels of Work/Life balance
  • Reduce Parents’ strain to learn, guide and teach their wards in the Nights

Kids’ Club – A Day in Kid’s Life, after School

Why Tuition@CC is Different ?

Tuition Program with Career Center is not in traditional lines. CC focus on enabling the Student on the following-

  • Education with Meaning: Focusing on Why Study a subject (say Mathematics)
  • Education with Alignment: Inherent Skills with Interest Mapping
  • Education for Fulfillment: Understand specific needs, gaps and working on closure
  • Education for Fun: by relating with real world, with right mix of fun & leisure
  • Add-ons at No Extra Cost
  • Special Tuition: Failed / weak students
  • Mock Exams, Monitoring in PassTheExam Model