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Importance of non-academics in a student’s life

A student’s social life is as important as their academic life, for their development.
Non-academic skills are the types of things that a typical classroom doesn’t formally teach. Career Centre’s student life program is designed to enhance the total development of our students. Career Centre provides the provocation for realizing potential, hidden or obvious, as individuals maximize their skills, talents and abilities in the achievement of their sights. Along with academics, extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the development of the child’s overall growth.

Students are provided with the possibility to have fun while developing skills, enthusiasms, attitudes and intelligence in physical activities that endow to a lifelong commitment to health and vitality. Sports and games in the curriculum ensure healthy and balanced growth of the students, who are encouraged to engage in a wide range of indoor and outdoor games at the school. We offer many outdoor activities that a student can choose from; including sports.

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