Career Connect

CareerConnect: Concept in a Nutshell

Today, Students of all ages undergo tremendous stress: both in school and even back home

The pressure on Students is inflicted by:
1. Peer Pressure and Competitive nature of Present day education
2. Study cycle and pressure from School schedules, teachers
3. Parents expectations - which also put additional burden on Parents themselves
4. The Student motivation levels - Student has no ‘desire to decision’ freedom.

Career Connections offering:

  • Creative and Progressive molding of Student by unearthing Talents & Strengths
  • Developing interest in Studies, with long term Career goals
  • Identify Gaps and build plans to strengthen weak areas early
  • Study Supplement & Skill Enhancement for Students, after School hours
  • Eliminate Students’ effort at home; provide right levels of Work/Life balance
  • Free Parents from effort needed to learn, guide and teach their wards in the Nights

  • Program focus on enabling the Student on the following-

    Education with Meaning: Focusing on Why Study a subject (say Maths)
    Education with Alignment: Inherent Skills with Interest Mapping
    Education for Fulfillment: Understand specific needs, gaps and working on closure
    Education for Fun: by relating with real world, with right mix of fun & leisure

  • Making Students Graduate is one step. They Need Professional Development of Softskills to become Employable.
  • The Theoretical knowledge gained by Passing The Examination is just not enough to be successful- Graduates need Professional Skill Enhancement with Hands-on experience.
  • Many working professionals, who found the first job after graduation finds themselves lowly paid or in non-rewarding jobs – with respect to job satisfaction or monitory rewards… And need a boost in their careers
  • No proper Analysis of fitment is ever done while choosing any stream of education – whether it is Engineering, Medicine or even Teaching.
  • CareerCenter strive to address these via the life-changing Student Life Cycle Programs, with revolutionalry TROFY Model as the backbone.

    Data Collection of Present Systems & Present Thinking

    Data Analysis and Correlation, Enumerate Adequacy and Gaps

    Realignment of Thinking Process for –

    Model Delivery, Monitoring & Control, Effectiveness Assessment