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Career Center is conceived by a group of professionals with vast experience from different fields: Education & Career building, Public Administration, Finance Management, Project and Program Management, IT & Software Development, International Exposure in multiple areas…
That said, the creators behind the concept of Career Center knows what makes a budding graduate to really graduate to a professional – for plug & play in to the highly competitive World of multitude of careers.
It is easy to lose track and become one among the many to get into a job hugely unable to tap one's real potential. Understanding, analyzing and mastering the diverse world of opportunities fitting everyone's need is a tough ask. We at Career Center precisely do that- making you realize your real potential, understand the gaps, explore opportunities by closing those gaps in the most professional way. Career Center focus on not just changing your skill profile- we also assist in changing your career profile as well, through our partners and channels. Starting a new career, starting a self employment or small scale business, changing from lower profile role to a higher one or making your present salary cheque look more lucrative- all by adding value to your profile and by elevating your career potential.