Study Hacks to Pass Board Exam

Career Center offers coaching classes for students who appear in board exams, where students can follow fundamental concepts. This promotes the process of learning for the child along with making it a fun experience which a child enjoys. Here, complex most concepts can also be easily understood. The content which the child learns at classes is a standardized content prepared by our best academicians. The content is highly simplified to make it really effective. This helps in easy and fast

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Tips for Passing Engineering Exams

Career Center offers coaching for college students to get pass in their exams. The main objective of this concern is to cater the needs of the Engineering/Medicine/ MCA/ Management students. We provide Classroom session and Online classes for all Subjects. We are able to focus better and taught in a way that specifically meets their unique needs and students are far more likely to have an increased drive to perform to the very best of their ability. At Career Center, we

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Best educational boards to select for your child

Career Center guides you to the choose the best board for your kid as this is seen by many parents as the important start-off for a good education for their child. We focus this as an important parameter, but there are certain other factors one should look at to make the right choice. Just like a college admission, the little ones and their parents have to go through the overelaboration of filling up application forms, attending interviews and also the

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Tips to crack competitive exams easily

Career Center offers coaching to students who are extremely passionate towards their work life style. Our focus, particularly, is on training students for a career in the public sector. We believe in mentorship and in assisting our students in taking important career decisions and helping they make the most of opportunities that lie ahead of them. We enable our students to achieve their career goals and realize their potential. Public sector jobs or Government Jobs are undoubtedly among the most sought

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Importance of non-academics in a student’s life

A student’s social life is as important as their academic life, for their development. Non-academic skills are the types of things that a typical classroom doesn’t formally teach. Career Centre’s student life program is designed to enhance the total development of our students. Career Centre provides the provocation for realizing potential, hidden or obvious, as individuals maximize their skills, talents and abilities in the achievement of their sights. Along with academics, extra-curricular activities play a vital role in the development of

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Need of soft skills/interpersonal skills

Career Centre stays an exclusive destination for interpersonal skills development. We offer Personal Development and Professional Development skills training programs to anyone by highly experienced trainers and professionals. No matter your profession, or your position - developing perfect interpersonal skills is relevant across disciplines and necessary for success in any industry. The courses we offer makes every individual to analyse their interpersonal communication skills and make improvements that will enable personal effectiveness in a range of situations and to feel more

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Children’s after school programmes

Career Centre’s after-school child care program offer explicit experiences and choice for children where they experience a wide range of skills and competence. The program is structured with various activities where your little one can continue to discover, attain, play and grow, and provide opportunities for and encourage physical activity and limit passive, sedentary activities. Your child will be given the opportunity to dive even deeper into his passions by designing his own program ideas. We mould them in an innovative form or art that build-up your

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